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Coloured Contact Lenses from Eye Candy.
Big Eye Dolly Hazel Colored Contact LensesColourvision Vampire Colored Contact LensesCyborg Crazy Colored Contact LensesKakashi Colored Contact LensesiGlow White Screen Colored Contact LensesCrazy Yellow Colored Contact LensesColourvision Solar Eclipse Colored Contact LensesBarbie Pink Colored Colored Contact LensesColourvision Blue Mesh Colored Contact LensesFrankenstein Green Stitch Colored Contact LensesiGlow White Demon Eye Colored Contact LensesColourvision Green Werewolf Colored Contact Lenses

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Colored contact lenses and Fashion contact lenses by Eye Candy Lenses

Welcome to, where you’ll find everything you need for fashionable eye accessories and colored contact lenses. An amazing array of Halloween contact lenses, natural-look colored contact lenses, specialFX contact lenses and costume colored contact lenses at affordable prices. Our novelty contact lenses are shipped all over the world and are known for their worldwide appeal. Everything from Movie lenses, like Twilight contact lenses, Terminator contact lenses, Avatar contact lenses and many more, to Halloween contacts that are sure to freak out your friends and cause quite a stir. Our Halloween contact lens range includes everything from Vampire lenses to Zombie lenses, Werewolf lenses to bloodshot contact lenses. If you want natural look contact lenses, our blend and fashion contact lens range is perfect, or if you want to go completely mental, our crazy pattern contact lenses might be just the ticket for you.

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All our colored contact lenses are easy to wear and are a bargain at cheap as chips prices! If you’re a theatre company looking for that perfect finishing touch to your actor’s outfits, a clubber wanting to go UV crazy, or a Sci-fi enthusiast wanting to buy colored contact lenses to recreate Data from Star Trek, Storm from X-Men, the Incredible Hulk or any number of characters, here at we’ll definitely have what you need. With a great range of colors, patterns and styles and more products being added regularly, is the only place to get your novelty color contact lenses! Join us on Facebook and Twitter for fancy dress inspiration and news of any exclusive colored contact lenses offers.

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